Kurland Village Dog Show

Moya Animal Outreach had a great day in Kurland Village on 2 April 2016!

We hosted a dog show and registered and micro-chipped 37 dogs!

These will now become part of our veterinary healthcare program. Thank you all for supporting this cause and helping to make the day a success!

Moya Dog Show Flyer

I am always a little over ambitious and had hoped for at least 100 entries but we were very pleased to have 37 dogs microchipped and registered at our first Kurland Village dog show, organised by Moya Animal Outreach. We have already neutered 3 of these and are doing 2 more tomorrow. Owners were very grateful for what we were doing for them and were thrilled with their prizes. Every show entry got something and every dog that was registered received a bag of food. We could not have organised this event without the support of volunteers and prize donors.

“Raoul the Owl” entertained the kids by walking on stilts and riding a unicycle while the registration process took place.

After completing a registration form and being microchipped by myself and Dr Hunt, there were 5 classes to enter:


Class 1 Healthiest dog
Class 2 Happiest dog
Class 3 Dog that looks most like it’s owner
Class 4 Cleverest dog – can do the best tricks
Class 5 Best looking dog – dog of the day

Michael Caithness, proprietor of Lawnwood Snake Park, then captured the audience with his highlight display of venomous snakes. This was most informative and very entertaining and he had the crowd enthralled.

The following people made the day possible:

The Crags Rugby Club in Kurland Village, thanks to Mr Piek and Joyce from Kurland Village who opened up and helped us on the day.

Our informal committee members: Dr Daryl Hunt, Cheryl Mynardt, Marlene Wyatt, Toni van Hoey Smith, Jane Pohl, Tiago Rebelo, Tania Hart and Nicole Brauteseth – a fantastic team that has come together with a common interest – a love for animals and their welfare. So blessed to have them all on board making my visions a reality.

A special mention to Tanya and Tiago – new to The Crags but immediately volunteered their help and have been patrolling the streets, identifying animals in need and bringing them to The Crags Vets for help as necessary. Moya Animal Outreach has now agreed to work alongside Tanya and Tiago in their mission to establish Sunshine Sanctuary, a safe haven for animals in need. This will be an umbrella organisation that falls under Moya Animal Outreach.

Mr Martin Wyatt – supplied the sound system and background music and has been our biggest fundraiser to date. Martin has been playing live music at Bramon Wine Estate every 2nd weekend to raise funds by donation for our cause. He has been doing this for over a year already and we are truly grateful for his ongoing support and enthusiasm.

Wendy Lee Abbott – vet assistant from Robberg Vet, donated her time to help with registration, dog handling and photos.

Lee Naude from Equine SA gave an obedience demonstration with her two pitbulls (photo of her and two dogs included). Lee has agreed to volunteer training obedience classes every Saturday. This will be announced in the local schools next week.

Marsja Hall-Green from PAWS provided informative leaflets that we distributed amongst the local people. We will continue to work alongside PAWS to promote all aspects of animal welfare and work together to provide veterinary assistance until Moya is financially able to alleviate PAWS of this burden.

The Mynardt family helped with administration and dog catching
Van Hees family helped with registration and dog handling
Barbara Kammer, Katherina Bruderer, Miila Kauttinnen and Denny Timson for general assistance.
Mike Didge entertained the kids with his didgeridoo music.

We’d like to thank the following sponsors for prizes and dog food:

Lara Blignaut from Monkeyland and Birds of Eden for 2 annual passes for 4 people for all 3 sanctuaries
Jackie Justino from Hills Pet Nutrition for arranging the donation of 100kg of Hills Science plan dog food
Arlene from Ostripet for arranging donation of almost 50kg of dog food and over 100 dog treats
Peppermill for food and beverage vouchers
Langa Lapu for donation of lovely basket and mosaic dish
The Clean Shop – donation of dog shampoo and tick and flea powder
The Beacon Isle Vet Shop (Andre Reitz) – dog treats
Plett Agri Land – voucher
Cash donations were received from The Crags Residents Assoc, Polo members, NT Logistics, Jane Pohl, Natures Way Farmstall, Linda Batt and Cheryl Mynardt. Money that was not used for the day will be used towards purchasing medication and equipment for our future clinic that we would like to establish in Kurland Village.

Stuart Palmer from The Lunchbox Theatre has agreed to donate a performance of “A Dog’s Life” to Moya. Miila Kauttinnen will be arranging this and will be meeting with the headmaster at The Crags Primary school to hopefully arrange a performance next week. At this time we will announce the dog training too.

We are totally reliant on external funding to make this veterinary outreach work possible. Should anyone wish to contribute, our bank details are:

First National Bank
Account: 62568228623
Branch : Plettenberg Bay 210514

Photos by Wendy Lee Abbott, vet assistant from Robberg Vet Clinic

Lee Naude and her two rescue pitbulls gave a great obedience display. Lee has offered to give basic obedience training to the community on Saturday mornings.

Locals showing off their dogs

Lee handing over best “Dog Owner Look Alike” award

Helpers getting prizes ready

Michael Caithness gave a brilliant venomous snake demo which was a great highlight to end the day



“Lion” won Dog of The Day and his owner Chicco has a voucher for 4 people to visit Monkeyland and Birds of Eden. Thank you Lara Mostert



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